Marine air-conditioning and battery cooling powered by waste heat

COOL4SEA has developed a cooling technology that recycles thermal waste energy and utilizes it for marine air-conditioning and battery cooling.


Lower marine fuel consumption for ship cooling (HVAC)

Lower fuel consumption

Expensive fuel-generated electricity used for cooling can be saved by recycling waste heat from the ship’s engines.

Lower marine CO2 emissions in connection with ship cooling (HVAC)

Lower emissions

The resulting lower energy requirement reduces the ship’s emissions of CO2 and hazardous particles.

No HFC gases for cooling on ships (marine air conditioning - HVAC)

No refrigerant gases

No environmentally harmful HFC gases are used for cooling during operation. Only water is used as a refrigerant.

24/7 air condition operation on ships (ship cooling, HVAC)

Optimal operation

Remote 24-hour monitoring of operations ensures high efficiency and maximum uptime.


Surplus heating used for air condition cooling on ships

Surplus heat is used for air-conditioning and battery cooling

COOL4SEA recycles thermal waste energy from the ship’s engines for cooling. This reduces the need to burn fuel to generate expensive electricity for air-conditioning or battery cooling.

Description of refrigeration process on ship

The refrigeration process comprises four key processes

The refrigeration process is made up of four coherent processes. These proceed simultaneously in a closed system in a nearly perfect vacuum.