COOL4SEA has developed a revolutionary cooling technology for the marine transport industry

COOL4SEA’s patented cooling technology reduces the ship’s energy consumption


Based on a well-known principle, COOL4SEA’s cooling technology utilizes the ship’s waste heat for cooling the crew quarters and service areas, for instance. By recycling the ship’s thermal waste energy and utilizing it for heat-driven cooling, the ship’s amount of fuel-generated electricity used for cooling can be reduced by over 90%.

A reduction in fuel consumption also reduces the ship’s emissions. Furthermore, the process is based solely on water and lithium bromide. In this way, the costly and environmentally harmful refrigerant gases are eliminated. This strengthens the company’s green profile, making it more resilient with regard to future, more rigorous environmental legislation requirements.

Surplus heat is used for cooling

COOL4SEA recycles thermal waste energy from the ship’s engines for cooling. This reduces the need to burn fuel to generate expensive electricity for cooling.

The refrigeration process comprises four key processes

The cooling process is made up of four coherent processes. These proceed simultaneously in a closed system in a nearly perfect vacuum.